Who is Using MoxyDox?

MoxyDox is extremely versatile.  Just about anyone that is using paper and a physical filing cabinet can easily switch to MoxyDox and gain all the benefits of being paperless.

MoxyDox is used for free by individuals.  Small companies use MoxyDox for a fee so they can share their online MoxyDox database of documents with all their employees.

Very important note.  We define a “small company” by how many people are using MoxyDox in you office AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.  That means “simultaneously” and that is why we call the MoxyDox license a “simultaneous license”.  “Small company” is NOT defined by how many people are in your company.  Your company could have 100 employees, and if only 20 of them were using MoxyDox SIMULTANEOUSLY, then MoxyDox would work perfectly for you with awesome response times for accessing your shared documents.

Industries Using MoxyDox

MoxyDox can be used in any industry or profession.  If you are constantly using a paper form and storing it in a physical filing cabinet, then you can use MoxyDox.  Here is a list of industries that some of our customers belong to. 

Chambers of Commerce

Marketing Firms

Medical Massage Therapy Clinics

Actual Customers 

Here are real world examples of individuals and companies using MoxyDox.

Bothell Integrated Health

Web Sitewww.BothellIntegratedHealth.com

Industry:  Medical Massage Therapy

Synopsis:  Bothell Integrated Health is a company of about 20 people with over a dozen Massage Therapists.

Results:  [PENDING.  Results are being gathered and will be posted when complete.] Bothell Integrated Health saved $x dollars per month by switching to MoxyDox.  They saved x hours per day by no longer having to “pull” and “pitch” paper files to their physical filing cabinet.  They also were able to cancel their $x monthly offsite storage fees for historical documents once they stopped producing paper and instead stored their documents in their virtual MoxyDox filing cabinet.