'How To' Videos

Short and Easy

General Users

The videos in this column are for all MoxyDox users.

Concept Video

What is MoxyDox?

Introductory Video

This is the same video that starts when you open MoxyDox for the first time.


How are documents organized in MoxyDox?


How do you get your document into MoxyDox?

Credentials Emailed to You?

Your ChiefAdmin just emailed you MoxyDox credentials.  This link shows you what you need to do next.

How to Install MoxyDox

There are 4 different ways to install MoxyDox.

As a Free User, A paid subscriber, a Sales Affiliate, and as a Service Affiliate.

Watch this video first and installing will be easy.

Create a Document from a Template

A Form/Template Designer has made a template. Here is how you create a document to use from that template.

Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn to use MoxyDox like a Pro!

Form Designers

The videos in this column are for people that will create form templates in MoxyDox.

Create a Document Step 1: Import

Create a Document Step 2: Add Gadgets

Visit the Gadgets Page

and Learn How To Harness The Power of Gadgets


The videos in this column are for MoxyDox Administrators.

How To Create a New User

Permissions for Individuals and Groups


The videos in this column are for MoxyDox ChiefAdmins.

Settings for the User ChiefAdmin

Once you have installed MoxyDox as the ChiefAdmin you can go to the Settings Scene(Screen) and click on the “Settings and Actions for the User ChiefAdmin” section. There you will find a series of “help links” that can coach you through everything that a ChiefAdmin needs to know.

All Videos

(More than what are shown on this page)