See the MoxyDox blog entry “UniLogical Among the First to Release 100% Java 9 Modules” to learn how UniLogical achieved 100% Java 9 modular release of MoxyDox.

MoxyDox uses a database technology from a company called ObjectDB (  UniLogical shared its third party JAR to Modular JAR conversion technique with ObjectDB.  UniLogical advised ObjectDB how to manually repackage their class files and third party class files into true modular JARs so that ObjectDB may release Java 9 modules without waiting for third parties to provide their third party Java 9 modules to ObjectDB, thus getting ObjectDB Java 9 modules released sooner.  Based on that information, ObjectDB stated:

“Thank you for the detailed answers. Your approach is clear and very logical.  As a result of your initiative we hope to be able to release Java 9 modules earlier.”

UniLogical wants ObjectDB to succeed because ObjectDB helps make MoxyDox a better product.  How?  Here is an example from UniLogical to help explain how.  Using the slowest server provided by Amazon Web Services (a “t2.nano”, which has only a single slow CPU and only 0.5 GiB of RAM) and the incredible abilities of ObjectDB ultra fast database technology, MoxyDox is able to, on average, perform a fully encrypted client-to-server-to-database-to-server-to-client round trip write operation of about 31 MB per second!  (10 MB in 320 ms.)  Reads are about 43 MB per second!  Using ObjectDB on faster servers with more resources, MoxyDox can achieve even faster rates.

For more details about this UniLogical and ObjectDB collaboration, see the ObjectDB Forum Thread reference:  “Java 9 support”,  The UniLogical Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Boyd Edmondson, gives his comments in that thread about the technique above.