Oracle’s Java 9 introduced Java Modules ( and was released on 2017-09-21.  About 7 weeks later, UniLogical released its MoxyDox application with Java 9 modules.

The thing that makes this truly unique is that UniLogical used 100% pure Java 9 modules.  This means no –class-path, no unnamed module, no automatic modules, no –add-reads/opens/exports, no non-modular .jar files, etc.  Just true Java 9 module archives.  How is that possible when third party libraries used by MoxyDox had not yet been updated to Java Modules by their owner companies?

UniLogical created a proprietary tool to achieve it.  With that tool, and some manual manipulation, UniLogical successfully converted all third party libraries into modular JAR files.  This means that MoxyDox was able to take FULL advantage of the benefits of Java 9 modules WITHOUT having to wait for the rest of the world to catch up and convert their plain JARs to Java 9 modules.

Was the switch to Java 9 worth it?  Yes!  Roughly speaking, the MoxyDox installer shrunk by about 50%, load times are about 25% faster, updates are about 50% smaller, and one update shrank from 75 MB to 1 MB!