You don’t think it is fair that your cost of a software product includes the large overhead of technical support for that product?  Especially when you have never even used the support for that product?  Why should you pay extra for OTHER people to get technical support?  You feel it is unjust that you don’t use it but you have to pay for it just because some people didn’t bother to read page 1 of their instructions?  UniLogical agrees with you.

UniLogical has a goal of making MoxyDox very cost effective so you can save money.  One of the biggest costs for a software product is technical support.  In order to lower support costs, and therefore be able to supply MoxyDox at a lower cost to you, UniLogical provides “Self Help” support options.

This means you are expected to search this website to find the answers you need for using MoxyDox.  Don’t worry, MoxyDox is designed to be very easy to use and there are plenty of helpful videos to show you exactly what you need!

Follow the other links under the “Support” menu above to access the information you desire.