Performance is Paramount

We are not owned by Venture Capitalists whose only motivation is the bottom line. We believe when a product is exceptional the bottom line will take care of itself.

UniLogical does not overload our servers with too many customer connections to put a few more pennies in our pockets. In fact, we actually spend more dollars to insure that our servers have extra resources to allow for every customer to always have the fastest MoxyDox experience possible.

MoxyDox is FAST.

Cloud computing is about to get a whole lot better.

When using MoxyDox and following our “Best Practices” you will

experience cloud computing in a whole new way.

MoxyDox uses a proprietary internet transfer mechanism.  It is customized to do the job MoxyDox needs to do and nothing else.  Most companies use a web page interface to operate their software, which adds overhead to the actual data you want to move.  Think of it this way:  Imagine that we represent the data size of the document to be moved across the internet as a garden pea.  When you add web technology overhead around that pea, you end up with a bowling ball size of data to just move the pea.  Not MoxyDox.  MoxyDox does NOT use web technology and instead uses a highly optimized direct application transfer method and only needs to move the pea and never the overhead of the bowling ball.  Furthermore, the web based technology would use multiple messages with the server to move the bowling ball while MoxyDox uses only a single message to move the pea.

Here is an interesting fact about the MoxyDox speed story.  When UniLogical was testing the high speed transfers of MoxyDox, it discovered a flaw in the configuration of the Frontier Communications FiOS high speed light based fiber optics internet communications protocol in the northwest Washington state area.  UniLogical worked with Frontier Communications to resolve the configuration error which was preventing MoxyDox from reaching its theorized maximum throughput.  Before the configuration fix, the MoxyDox test was achieving a transfer time of 2.5 seconds.  After the Frontier Communications fix, thanks to UniLogical, the MoxyDox test was able to achieve a transfer time of 0.02 seconds, 125 times faster!

You really won’t believe how fast it is to use MoxyDox!

For more spectacular MoxyDox speed information, check out the “UniLogical Helps Frontier Optimize 3 States’ Network” MoxyDox Block entry here: MoxyDox Blog.