We are Serious About Security

MoxyDox’s Security is Tight

When you are going to trust your business documents to a cloud server, you need to know our Engineers made choices during development with security at the forefront of their minds.

We are Leaders, not Followers

We did not follow the crowd.  We chose NOT to use web browser technology because of the inherent security risks.  That means we chose a path that we knew meant we would spend more time in development and it would take longer for us to get to market, but isn’t your piece of mind worth it?  It was worth the wait.  The bottom line is we take your security seriously.

MoxyDox’s Security Technology

MoxyDox provides security at many levels.  Proprietary hacker deterrents prevent unauthorized access.  Each connection to the MoxyDox server is encrypted with its own unique key, using the same level of encryption used by the NSA (National Security Agency).  Data is encrypted as it is transmitted to and from the server to its database disk.  The data is encrypted when at rest on the database disk, as well as customer database backups.  Furthermore, the database is protected with encrypted redundant copies so that your data is not affected if a hard disk fails.

The encryption key management system follows the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 approved cryptographic algorithms and is consistent with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-57 recommendations.  Furthermore, the master encryption key is store completely separate from the data on a system that is surrounded with strong physical and logical security controls.  In addition, each disk is encrypted with a unique key that is also encrypted with a region-specific master key.

If all of those security features were not fabulous enough already, then consider that MoxyDox uses dedicated low level encryption hardware to achieve all that security so that there is no difference in the performance of accessing your security data compared with accessing the data if no encryption were used.  UniLogical wants you to have security on your data, but still be able to access it at blistering speeds.