MoxyDox User Account Types

MoxyDox allows a company to have as many user accounts as they wish to create.  MoxyDox has three user categories:  Normal users, users who belong to the “Administrators” group, and the master user called “ChiefAdmin”.

Normal users can perform normal operations in MoxyDox, as long as they have been given permissions to do so.  For example, a Normal user may be able to create a Document inside a Tab that they have the “Can Write” permission for, but in another Tab, where they only have “Can Read” permission, they would be denied the ability to create a Document inside that Tab.

Normal user accounts are created for all employees of a company so every employee can have a unique logon account and can be assigned relevant permissions.  A “group” may be created to gather similar employees so permissions may be managed for the group instead of the individual.

Users who belong to the “Administrators” group are called “Administrators”.  All Administrators have elevated permissions.  For example, they can create a Document in any Tab, regardless of the permissions set on that Tab for other users.  Furthermore, Administrative users are the ones who can apply permissions, such as making a Document read only.

Administrators are employees in a company that should have elevated permissions.  You would assign administrator rights (that is, add their user account to the “Administrators” group) to the company employees that will help the other Normal user employees to use MoxyDox.  They can control permissions, edit user accounts, etc.

The user “ChiefAdmin” is a member of the “Administrators” group, so can do anything an Administrator can do, but “ChiefAdmin” can also do things that no other user can do.  The “ChiefAdmin” user account is the “master account”.  It is the one and only account that exists when a new MoxyDox database is established.  It can be used to create other initial users, both Normal users and Administrators.  The “ChiefAdmin” account cannot be disabled, deleted, renamed, or removed from the “Administrators” group.

The “ChiefAdmin” account is usually used by a single person at a company, such as the owner of the small business.  It is for the person that is in charge of, or authorized, to make purchasing decisions, such as buying more MoxyDox licenses.

The “ChiefAdmin” account also has an email address associated with it.  That is the email addressed used when UniLogical wants to communicate with a company.  UniLogical may do so to announce maintenance on the server that company’s database resides on, contact the “ChiefAdmin” of the company to assist UniLogical with technical support for the company, send receipt emails for license add/remove, notify you when your employees are failing to log on because you have too few licenses, etc.

The Settings Scene is where the additional user interface for the “ChiefAdmin” may be accessed.  If an Administrator is logged on, but is not the “ChiefAdmin” user, then a textual statement is shown to remind them that they could access additional settings and features by logging on as “ChiefAdmin” instead.  The “ChiefAdmin” user can perform the following actions, which cannot be performed by any other user account:

  • Convert an Individual MoxyDox installation into a Company MoxyDox installation
  • Convert a Company MoxyDox installation to an Individual installation
  • Purchase new Simultaneous Licenses
  • Remove a Simultaneous License
  • Change the Service Affiliate Number for the company
  • Perform manual MoxyDox database backups and restores