MoxyDox Legal Agreement

This document describes the legal agreement between UniLogical (the company that makes MoxyDox) and YOU and/or YOUR company.  Anyone that wants to use MoxyDox must agree to these terms before they are allowed to use MoxyDox.  You must agree to these terms no matter which way you install MoxyDox (for example, Individual, Company, Sales Affiliate, or Service Affiliate).

This document may be changed by UniLogical at any time.  See this page for the most current version of this agreement.


As described in the “Availability” section of this page:


As described on this page:

Individual, Company, Sale Affiliate, Service Affiliate

As described by their respectively self named sections on this page, and the sub pages they reference:


You are granted a license to use MoxyDox on any and all of your devices for use by you and your company without sub-licensing.  You must respect all MoxyDox/UniLogical patents, copyrights, and trademarks and you are not allowed to reverse engineer the technology.  You will hold MoxyDox/UniLogical and its affiliate free from any liability of any loss you and your company may incur by using MoxyDox.  There is no warranty.  Use the product at your own risk.