We wish to acknowledge the Small Business Development Center and the contribution they have made to our company and our product development.

When my partner, Boyd Edmondson, and I first formed UniLogical, LLC we audited our strengths and weaknesses. SBDC has been very helpful by filling in and shoring up our weaknesses and helping to identify blind-spots. Our first SBCD counselor was Peter Quist. He is a fine person and was quite helpful in helping us form our goals and forming our initial business plan, a plan that has proved very useful in helping us steer our course.

We were sad when Peter Quist first told us of his plan to retire. Peter was quite enthusiastic about the person that he wanted us to work with upon his departure. So he introduced us to Don Yates. Don’s vast knowledge and experience in the tech sector has been exceptionally helpful to our organization, and to our product development. MoxyDox stands to be easy to use, highly functional, and well received in the marketplace, and Don’s expertise has been,  and will continue to be greatly appreciated and valued by UniLogical.