Here are Frequently Asked Questions about MoxyDox.  Click a question to see its answer.  If you don’t find the question and answer you are looking for, then consider that you might find them in the training videos.


Who is UniLogical?
UniLogical is the company that made MoxyDox. Check out the UniLogical website:  www.UniLogical.com.
What is MoxyDox?
MoxyDox is the software product created by UniLogical that helps small businesses go paperless.


MoxyDox is >>NOT<< used to dump 20 years of your filing cabinet paper history into cloud storage as scanned images. MoxyDox >>IS<< a tool that allows you to easily stop generating paper.

What does “you don’t have to change your workflow” mean?
Workflow is how you move information through your office.

For example, imagine a Massage Therapy clinic. When a new patient arrives in the office they are asked to fill out a New Patient Form. That form is given to the Front Staff to proof and add any additional information. The New Patient Form is then passed to a Massage Therapist for review before treating the patient. After treatment, the Massage Therapist adds treatment notes to the form and gives the form back to the Front Staff. The Front Staff then files the form in a filing cabinet. That is the “workflow” for that office in regards to their New Patient Form.

MoxyDox allows you convert that New Patient Form into an equivalent electronic form. You do NOT have to change how you use that form and pass it through the office, or stated differently, you don’t have to change your workflow for that document.

Imagine that with MoxyDox you now have a photo of that paper document inside MoxyDox and anywhere there were places for the patient to write text, such as First Name or Address, that there is a simple text entry box like you might see on any web page. When the patient arrives, the Front Staff can hand them a computer tablet to fill out the New Patient Form. When complete, the Front Staff and the Massage Therapist both have access to that document in their MoxyDox database via the tablet, a different tablet, desktop computers, etc.

The form follows the same “workflow” but is now in electronic form! The Front Staff no longer has to file a paper document, but just puts the electronic form in their MoxyDox database, which mimics their old paper filing cabinet exactly. Such as a Drawer which contains a Folder called “Patients” and that folder has a Tab with the patient’s name where his/her filled out New Patient Form is stored.

Is MoxyDox secure?

MoxyDox uses the same encryption technology that the NSA (National Security Agency) uses. MoxyDox has a proprietary protocol and does not use any third party protection mechanisms. Explicitly, MoxyDox does NOT use any web browser based protocols, which are notoriously flawed with security issues.

There are less people that have access to the UniLogical servers than there are people that have access to your financial records at your bank. UniLogical owns its own servers. The servers only run MoxyDox server software, which is only accessible by your MoxyDox application using your private database that is protected by your user name and password.

Furthermore, your private MoxyDox database is backed up daily to an offsite server so you never lose your information, even if the UniLogical server melted down to a blob of twisted metal and plastic. Your MoxyDox administrator always has access to those backups and can make manual backups and restore your database to any one of the backups. Learn more on the Security page.

Why is MoxyDox so inexpensive?
There are several major contributing factors to why MoxyDox is so inexpensive. All of these factors combine to yield very low server overhead, which means UniLogical’s costs are lower and UniLogical passes the savings on to you!

1) UniLogical owns the servers that run MoxyDox and therefore they do not share loads with other companies. (Our servers can run more efficiently because they are 100% used for MoxyDox.)

2) UniLogical’s proprietary internet messaging protocol allows for much less data to be moved into and out of the servers. (Less transfer means less cost on per-transfer fees.)

3) MoxyDox utilizes advanced caching technology that greatly reduces the amount of data that must be stored on the servers and transferred across the internet. (Reduced storage and transfer fees.)

4) MoxyDox’s background image links allow documents to only have to save one copy of the background for all documents. (Reduced storage and transfer fees.)

5) Additionally, UniLogical has a low-support philosophy. MoxyDox is designed to be very easy to learn and use. Simple, in fact. So, UniLogical chooses NOT to employ a large technical support team and therefore has less costs, which means a savings to you. (Instead, UniLogical provides simple self-help and self-training for you in the form of videos on our website, and the built in help in MoxyDox, such as the Guidance Bar, which gives helpful information and often direct links to a relevant video.)

Why doesn’t UniLogical charge for server storage space? (Why don’t you charge per GB of storage on your servers?)
MoxyDox is smart with form documents. If you have two documents with the same background image, then only one copy of the background image is saved and the other document just retains a link to reference the background image stored in the other document.


For example, if you have 1,000 documents that all have your company logo on them, then only 1 copy of the logo image is stored on the server and you saved 999 copies that would have been saved on the server like traditional archiving software would do.

UniLogical therefore believes that the amount of GB storage you will require will be quite low and therefore UniLogical chooses not to charge you for how many GB of storage you use. In fact, it is unlikely that you will even need “gigabytes” (GBs) to store your form documents.

Why is MoxyDox so fast?
MoxyDox does NOT use slow web browser based technology. UniLogical created a custom internet message protocol that is designed only for MoxyDox so the messages pass only what is required for MoxyDox and nothing more.

For more information, see https://www.moxydox.com/speed/.

Is MoxyDox a mature product?
Absolutely. Unlike other companies, you can trust UniLogical’s “Version 1.0” release of MoxyDox. Why? UniLogical put over 5 years of development and testing into MoxyDox before releasing its first version, “Version 1.0”, to the public.  Prior to that, there were over 800 non public releases.

At that time, there were over 60,000 lines of source code typed in to make MoxyDox!  To give you an appreciation of that, here is an analogy for printed books.  A novel has an average of 35 lines per page.  A novel that is on the larger size has about 400 pages.  That is 14,000 lines of text to a novel.  So MoxyDox is about 4 novels in size!  Yes, UniLogical has worked very hard to make MoxyDox for you.


How do I get help with MoxyDox?

UniLogical provides training videos and MoxyDox displays Guidance Bar messages.


Pay attention to the messages in the MoxyDox Guidance Bar because it is teaching you how to use MoxyDox. Click on the hyperlink in the Guidance Bar, if one is given, and it will take you to even more help, on a web page, and perhaps even to a relevant training video.

Also see the videos on the MoxyDox website (https://www.MoxyDox.com/Support/Videos/), the help videos on the Help website (https://www.moxydox.com/support/help-moxydox-com), the MoxyDox Forum for help from other MoxyDox users (https://www.moxydox.com/support/forum), and the “Submit Feedback” button in the Information Scene () in MoxyDox.

All of these links are found in the Information Scene in MoxyDox. The MoxyDox logo () in the upper left corner of MoxyDox can be clicked on to take you directly to the Help website.

What is the “Experience Level” in MoxyDox?
When you are introduced to new software, it takes a little time to get familiar with it and you need extra time and help to get started. Once you master the program though, you don’t want anything to slow down your productivity, such as help messages that you no longer need.

MoxyDox solves this issue by using a user “experience level”. When you start MoxyDox, you are a “beginner”. Beginners get help messages, and the user interface operates slower to allow you to figure out how it works, such as a drop down menu using a slow animation so you can see that the information appears below it when you click the arrow next to it.

Eventually, MoxyDox users progress from Beginner to “Intermediate” and from Intermediate to “Expert”. As you progress, less help is provided to you and the user interface operates faster because you don’t need a slow animation to teach you. For example, you don’t need to know how a drop down works because you already learned that and just want to get your work done as fast as you can.

How can I use MoxyDox with several people?
MoxyDox allows you to create users and groups.

When you obtain MoxyDox, you have a single user, “Admin”. With that account, you can log on to MoxyDox as an “Administrator”, which is a group that can perform operations with MoxyDox that normal users cannot, such as creating other users and groups. You can create all the users and groups you need. Your MoxyDox license is for SIMULTANEOUS access by users, and it doesn’t matter if you have 100 users, just how many of them are using the MoxyDox database at the same time.

A user account allows you to have different logons and different access to containers (drawers, folders, and tabs) and documents. For example, a user “BJ” might have the ability to read and write to a document called “Billing”, but the user “Boyd” cannot even see that document. Groups are used to organize users. For example, a group called “Front Staff” might contain the members “Kay” and “Sarah” and that group has permissions to write to the Folder called “New Patients” and all other users can only read the contents of that Folder.

What is “Fill Out These Forms (FOTF)” mode?
You know when you walk into a doctor’s office and they hand you a clipboard of papers and say, “fill out these forms”? Well, MoxyDox has a mode called “Fill Out These Forms”, or “FOTF” for short, that is the electronic equivalent of that clipboard of papers.
What if my internet connection goes out? Can I still use MoxyDox?
MoxyDox requires a constant Internet connection. If your office Internet connection goes down, consider using mobile devices (phones, tablets) that can get on the Internet through their mobile device phone data plan feature. You often can use a WiFi hotspot tether to allow a laptop to access the Internet through your phone. Use this temporary solution until your office Internet connection is restored.
Can I use MoxyDox without an Internet Connection?

The Cloud Subscription MoxyDox requires a constant internet connection.  MoxyDox Free can be used without an internet connection though.

Customers that use tablet devices “in the field” where there is no internet connection use MoxyDox Free on the tablet to create/fill-out MoxyDox documents while there is not internet connection.

When that service personnel brings the tablet back to a location that has internet access, they use the MoxyDox Share feature to export those documents.  Those documents can then be imported into their company’s Cloud Subscription MoxyDox database so the documents can be shared with the rest of the company.

Are Unicode characters supported?
Yes. For example, you could name a document, “My Document ֍Ŏ$©æÔ.

Unicode covers all the characters for all the writing systems of the world, modern and ancient. It also includes technical symbols, punctuations, and many other characters used in writing text. So you can use any characters of any language you need for your MoxyDox document names. Except the forward slash character (/) is not allowed as it is used internally by MoxyDox to describe your location, such as “Drawer/Folder/Tab/Document”.

Additionally, MoxyDox uses a special prefix, “[[DELETED]] “, on file names when they are in the Trashcan.  (Note the space in “[[DELETED]] “.)  Trashcan delete and restore operations may also result in file name date/time suffixes of the form, ” [[yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss a]]”, such as ” [[2018-08-31 03:54:23 PM]]”.  (Note the leading space in the suffix.)  You should avoid using or modifying these prefixes and suffixes.

The length of your document names is practically unlimited too, so you can use any naming convention you need and not be restricted! (For you geeks out there, a MoxyDox document name uses a string that is (2^31 – 1), which is up to 2,147,483,647 characters.)

How Does MoxyDox Support Non-English Languages
The MoxyDox application, its help system, and its tutorial videos are all in the English language.  But, MoxyDox uses a very simple user interface with symbols that are easy to recognize no matter what your native language.  (For example, everyone can recognize the “Drawer”, “Folder”, “Tab”, and “Document” icons.)


So you only need a limited understanding of English to use MoxyDox.  Since the documents you create support background images, you can create your forms in any language.  Because MoxyDox supports the Unicode character set (see the “Are Unicode Characters Supported?” FAQ) you can enter text in your documents in any language.

Is MoxyDox HIPAA compliant?
That question is not quite appropriate because it is up to YOUR company to be HIPAA compliant.  The better question is, “Will MoxyDox prevent my company from being HIPAA compliant?”  The answer to THAT question is, “No!”  (Yeah!)

HIPAA provides rules to keep health patients’ information safe.  (See https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/index.html.)  For example, your company must protect patient information by having your employees have a username/password to access patient information.  When that information is transferred electronically, it needs to be done so in a secure manner.

Well, MoxyDox has a username/password logon feature, so you are covered there.  MoxyDox transfers information securely, so you are covered there too!  (See the “Is MoxyDox secure?” FAQ in the “Overview” section above.)

This is just a simple example, but you can see that MoxyDox is just a tool in YOUR company’s HIPAA compliant policies.  If your company uses MoxyDox in a HIPAA compliant way, then you have achieved HIPAA compliance, because MoxyDox in and of itself does not violate your HIPAA compliance.

Is MoxyDox like Adobe Acrobat?

The company, Adobe, has various products, such as “Acrobat DC Pro for Teams”, that can conceptually be compared to MoxyDox.  They both offer a monthly service that allows you to create custom forms that can be edited and shared via the cloud.

MoxyDox is not limited to .pdf format though, and can be much easier to learn, simpler to use, and lets you keep your existing organization and workflow.

MoxyDox avoids the security issues associated with web based technology with its proprietary secure transfer protocol.  MoxyDox files also allow for much more advanced features than .pdf format can offer.

We recommend you check them both out and compare them for your small business needs.  We are confident that you will find MoxyDox will be your preference.


What is Automatic On-File Credit Card Updating?
Thanks to UniLogical’s third party billing company, Stripe (https://stripe.com/), UniLogical is able to provide you with a very convenient feature for the credit card you have on file with UniLogical, which is to be charged automatically for your monthly Company subscription to MoxyDox cloud services.  In most cases, when your credit card on file with UniLogical expires, you do NOT have to update your information with UniLogical to keep your subscription paid!


This is because Stripe works with card networks and automatically attempts to update saved card details whenever a customer receives a new card (for example, replacing an expired card or one that was reported lost or stolen).  This allows you to continue using your MoxyDox subscription service without interruption and reduces the need for you to inform UniLogical whenever your card is replaced.  Automatic card updates requires card issuers to participate with the network and provide this information.  It is widely supported in the United States, allowing UniLogical to automatically update most American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards issued there.  International support varies from country to country.  It is not possible to identify which cards can be automatically updated.  If automatic card updates fail for you, or you just need to use a different card, then just use the “Update Card” option in MoxyDox (Settings > Settings and Actions for the User “ChiefAdmin” > Update Card).

Are there Credit Card and/or Bank Fees?
Subscription charges to your credit card are in United States Dollars (USD).  (UniLogical also makes payments to MoxyDox Sales Affiliates in USD.)  If your credit card and/or bank account are outside the United States, then your credit card and/or bank may charge you foreign currency exchange rates and/or fees at the current market exchange rates.  Ask your credit card issuer and/or bank for more information.
What is the Credit Card Privacy Policy?
UniLogical uses a third party company, Stripe (https://stripe.com/), for payment, analytics, and other business services.  Stripe collects identifying information about the devices that connect to its services.  Stripe uses this information to operate and improve the services it provides to UniLogical, including for fraud detection.  You can learn more about Stripe and read Stripe’s privacy policy at https://stripe.com/privacy.
Is my Credit Card Secure?
UniLogical uses a third party company to handle credit cards and invoicing (https://stripe.com/).  UniLogical never has access to your credit card information.  Even when you are entering your credit card inside MoxyDox, it is Stripe’s servers that are displaying the user interface and capturing your credit card information.

When you use MoxyDox, your credit card is VERY secure.  A quote from Stripe’s web site:

“Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.”

See Stripe’s security page for more information:  https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe.

What is Advanced Invoicing with Proration?
See https://www.moxydox.com/Pricing/ for pricing information.

When you purchase a UniLogical Company subscription, you are immediately invoiced for that month for the minimum required number of licenses (3) (so $150).  This helps UniLogical combat credit card fraud and subscription abuse.

But, you may add and remove licenses at any time (minimum 3, maximum 20) and when you do the cost is prorated and billed on the next month.  (If you purchased your subscription on the 4th of the month, you will get invoiced on the 4th of the next month.)  “Proration” means that you only pay for what you use.

For example, if you buy a subscription on the 4th of this month, then you get invoiced for $150 immediately (within an hour or two) for the minimum 3 licenses (3 at $50 is $150).  Let us say that you then immediately add 1 more license (another $50 per month).  Then at exactly one half of the way through this month, you remove that license.

At the 4th of next month, you will get billed $175.  That is $150 for 3 licenses for this new month, and $25 for that 4th license that you used for only one half of last month.

UniLogical wants to be as fair as possible to our customers and we therefore only want to charge for what you actually use.  We even go as far as timing the licenses you add/remove down to the second!

What about Taxes?
Taxation can be a nightmare, both for you and UniLogical.  How does UniLogical and MoxyDox handle taxes?  In the most accurate way we can and in the most simple way we can.  How do we achieve that?  By leveraging world class taxation services.

MoxyDox is sold world wide.  We use a credit card processing company (Stripe) combined with a global tax calculation company (Taxamo) with partnerships with TaxCloud and Vertex to collect, file, and pay taxes.

MoxyDox works directly with those services to make the entire process as easy as possible for you, and to keep your tax liability legit so you can have peace of mind that you are following your local jurisdiction tax laws to the letter.

When your MoxyDox monthly subscription is charged, YOUR appropriate tax is also charged.  (Your location information determines your tax rate.  Based on your location, you may not need to pay any tax.)  You receive an automated invoice with YOUR jurisdiction’s required tax information.

Safe.  Secure.  Simple.


What is the MoxyDox Legal Agreement?


How do I Prevent my SPAM Settings from Block MoxyDox Emails?
Set your SPAM filter to allow emails from these domains to make sure you receive all emails from us and our third party service affilates!


  • *@UniLogical.com  (MoxyDoxBouncer@UniLogical.com, Support@UniLogical.com, Info@UniLogical.com, etc.)
  • *@Stripe.com (automated credit card billing and payment, subscription reminders, late payments, etc.)
  • *@Taxamo.com (automated invoice receipts, etc.)
Reinstall MoxyDox?
If you are experiencing any issues that prevents MoxyDox from starting up, then you should consider reinstalling MoxyDox.  For example, if you double click the MoxyDox icon to launch MoxyDox and all that appears is the MoxyDox Log File in a text editor window.


Get the latest MoxyDox installer from the web site:  https://www.moxydox.com/getmoxydox/.

You do NOT need to UNinstall MoxyDox before running the installer.  The MoxyDox installer automatically uninstalls any previous version before performing a new install.

Reinstalling MoxyDox does NOT delete any of your documents or your settings.  All that is stored in your MoxyDox database, which is not store where MoxyDox is installed.

How to Speed Up MoxyDox?

MoxyDox is already really, really fast, but sometimes you see different transfer speeds on different computers and you want to know why and if you can do anything to speed it up.  MoxyDox is usually limited by your network speed, so anything you can do to speed up your network will likely make MoxyDox transfer your documents from your cloud database to your local computers faster.  There are SO many reasons why networks are not as fast as they could be.  You really need a Network Engineer to figure these things out, but sometimes there are some things that a semi technical person can do to make some improvements.  If you are one of those people, then here are a few tips for you.

First make sure your operating system (OS) has enough resources to run efficiently.  For example, do you have enough RAM?  Are you running virus and malware applications that inspect every network packet and therefore slow down MoxyDox?  (Those applications may allow you to exempt MoxyDox from those tests.)  Once you have confirmed your OS is running optimally, confirm that your Internet connection is optimal.

Are you getting the full Internet access speed you bought from your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?  Try a speed test site like www.speedtest.net.  Work with your ISP until you get results from that test that are optimal.  Now that you have your OS optimal and your Internet access optimal, it is time to consider things that might directly help MoxyDox.  (At this point all of your applications that access the Internet should be as fast as you can get them.)

MoxyDox does highly optimized network transfers over the Internet.  MoxyDox transfers at a much faster rate than most other applications (like your web browser), so Network Adapter configurations can directly affect the transfer rate MoxyDox can achieve.  For example, MoxyDox uses a single network socket to blast its data at super speeds.  Most applications, like web browsers, cannot send and receive data fast enough to keep up with the rates that network adapters allow, so web browsers often open up many sockets, at slower rates, to try to boot their over all transfer speeds.  (For example, if the web browser can only transfer at a maximum of 1 MBps (because the software they wrote just can’t operate any faster), the web browser might open 5 sockets to get 5 times 1 MBps for a total of 5 MBps, by chopping the download into 5 parts.)

MoxyDox can send and receive VERY fast and therefore MoxyDox’s single socket can go as fast as the network adapter will allow.  So, if you can make your network adapter faster, MoxyDox will be faster.

Here is an example, on a Windows computer, www.speedtest.net showed 4 ms ping time, 145 Mbps download, and 150 Mbps upload.  The MoxyDox Log Scene > Diagnostics > Test Throughput was used and only the last test is considered here.  (The Receive of a 10 MB file test.)  The MoxyDox Test Throughput was run 3 times (because the Internet is dynamic so average a few results) and was about 1.2 seconds to transfer the 10 MB file.  That is only 50% of the theoretical maximum for an ISP speed of 150 Mbps.

We changed the network adapter settings (described below) and ran the tests again.  Note that www.speedtest.net showed the same results as before.  (Remember that web browsers open multiple, but slower, sockets to APPEAR that they download faster.  So that is why you see no difference and why it looked faster in the first place.)  Running the MoxyDox Test Throughput this time resulted in about 0.6 seconds to transfer the 10 MB file.  That is the theoretical maximum for an ISP speed of 150 Mbps!

Here is how we changed the adapter settings on that computer.  Note that all network adapters are different.  Some won’t give you these options.  Again, the purpose of this FAQ is to help you THINK about how you might speed things up.  Don’t ask UniLogical to help you speed things up, because it is out of our control.  YOU need to update YOUR OS and ISP and NETWORK ADAPTER to try to get faster rates.  UniLogical can’t do that for you.  Also keep in mind that you maybe should not even try to speed things up.  You might mess up your OS or ISP or Network Adapter and prevent yourself from getting on the Internet or using MoxyDox.  Be careful.  Don’t blame us for your mistake.  😉

There are different ways to get to your Network Adapter Device Settings.  Here is how we did it, as seen in the following image.

  • Right click on the “Network” icon and choose “Properties”
  • Click the “Ethernet” link.  (Yours might be named differently.)
  • Click the “Properties” button.
  • Click the “Configure” button.
  • Click the “Advanced” tab.  (The second image.)

MoxyDox is pushing a lot of data very quickly, so we adjusted Network Adapter Advanced Properties that can help with that.

  • “Jumbo Packet” – Enable it.  (9014 bytes)
  • “Receive Buffers” – Set it to max of 2048 bytes.
  • “Transmit Buffers” – Set it to max of 2048 bytes.
  • “xxx Offload” – Any property that has “Offload” in its name should be enabled.

Need to know how to run the MoxyDox Test Throughput Diagnostic test?  Watch this video:  https://www.help.MoxyDox.com/Diagnostics.

Other things to consider:

  • Router settings.  (Try turning on QoS (Quality of Service) or WMM (Wi-Fi Multi Media).)
  • Operating System network settings.  (Try disabling some network protocols.)
I don't have a scanner. Can I still import a background image for my document?

Yes.  You can take a photo of your paper document and email that photo/image to yourself.  Extract that photo/image from your email program on the computer you are running MoxyDox on so you can tell MoxyDox to load that image as your background for your document template.

You can also use your Operating System’s screen grab capability to get any image you can see on your computer screen.  See this for instructions:  Screen Grab.