Service Affiliate


The offer described here is a limited time offer. UniLogical may choose to change or cancel this program at any time.  That doesn’t mean UniLogical WILL. It just means UniLogical reserves the right to change or cancel it at anytime. So, be sure to take advantage of this program while it lasts!


Only the MoxyDox user logon, “ChiefAdmin”, can see the Service Affiliate page. You MUST use that special user account to access the Service Affiliate features of MoxyDox.  (See MoxyDox User Account Types.)


“What if I Want to be a Service Affiliate AND a Sales Affiliate?”  No problem!  Check out Dual Affiliate.


Service Affiliate Overview Video


Service Affiliate Training Video


A “Service Affiliate” is a person or organization who actively tries to provide Technical Support services to companies that use MoxyDox.  The Service Affiliate charges the company whatever the Service Affiliate deems appropriate for their services.  UniLogical receives no income from the Service Affiliate.  (This may be a limited time duration offer.  UniLogical may decide to change the program at some future date, or maybe not.)


There is no cost to sign up as a Service Affiliate, and the Service Affiliate gets a free 3 license MoxyDox subscription, but a credit card number is taken so a charge can be made if it is deemed that the Service Affiliate is not really performing.  The credit card is also used if you buy more licenses for the Service Affiliate’s internal use of their own MoxyDox shared database.


How does UniLogical decide if a “Service Affiliate” is not performing and will lose their free 3 licenses and instead get charged for them?  You have about a month to make your first service of MoxyDox or you account will be considered to be the equivalent as if you just signed your company up to use MoxyDox and purchased a 3 license subscription.  (See Pricing for how much it costs.)  “About a month” here is defined like this.  If you sign up as a Service Affiliate on, say the 4th day of this month, then on the 3rd day of the next month you will loose your discount if you have not made a service.  “Made a service” here is defined as having successfully made a MoxyDox Remote Control session with a MoxyDox customer.


The Service Affiliate Scene, under the “Public Information” section, displays the Company’s Service Affiliate Number.  The number can be changed by the Company at any time, meaning the MoxyDox Customer can switch to a new Service Affiliate at any time.


  • Service Affiliate gets cloud based MoxyDox with 3 licenses for free ($150/month value, $1,800/year!) to help them use, understand, and service their MoxyDox clients.  (Unless the Service Affiliate does not make a service within about a month, then the Service Affiliate pays for the 3 license subscription.)
  • There is no cost to sign up as a Service Affiliate.  There are no fees paid to UniLogical to be a Service Affiliate.
  • The Service Affiliate directly charges their clients.




An example of a “Service Affiliate” is an Information Technology (“IT”) Service group called “First Call”.  Let’s say that First Call goes into small businesses to provide them with technical support, such as setting up a new printer, or fixing a problem with Windows.  A MoxyDox customer needs technical support and they initiate a support request through MoxyDox to their Service Affiliate, First Call.  First Call receives the request and schedules a time to remotely control the Customer’s computer, via MoxyDox, to help solve the MoxyDox related issue.  Upon completion, First Call asks for a credit card to pay for the time they spent servicing the call.




This third party independent service support model may seem strange to some people.  Here is an analogy to make more sense of it.  One could consider the analogy of car repair to understand the UniLogical Serviceability philosophy.  Say you own a Honda vehicle.  You could go to your Honda dealership to have your car serviced.  That would be like a MoxyDox customer going directly to UniLogical for servicing.  On the other hand, you could take your car to an independent repair shop, such as Joe’s Auto Repair, to have your Honda serviced.  That would be like a MoxyDox customer going to a Service Affiliate for servicing.  When you took your car to Joe’s, Honda received no income, nor charged Joe’s Auto Repair a fee, but Honda has had their product and customer taken care of and Honda did not have to do anything to do so.  Furthermore, Honda saved costs by not having to open more Honda repair facilities in Joe’s Auto Repair area.  As more demand for Honda servicing increases, more independent repair shops open to service those Honda vehicles, all without limiting the company growth of Honda or the proliferation of their products.




A Service Affiliate has a unique Service Affiliate Identification Number.  MoxyDox Customers can see their currently assigned Service Affiliate on their MoxyDox Information Scene.  That number can be changed by the Customer at any time to choose a different Service Affiliate, using the Service Affiliate Rate and Review system built into MoxyDox.  (The “ChiefAdmin” user account is the only account that allows changing the Service Affiliate Identification Number.)  The Customer can rate their Service Affiliate and submit a textual review.  Other MoxyDox customers can read all Service Affiliate ratings and reviews to choose their Service Affiliate, if they even want a Service Affiliate.


A Service Affiliate is not required for a Customer.  They can use all the free UniLogical self help offered on the MoxyDox website as training videos.  (UniLogical provides no other support.)


The geographical location of a Service Affiliate in relationship to its MoxyDox client is likely irrelevant as remote communication is likely adequate and due to the availability of the MoxyDox built in remote computer control feature.  If you desire to have a Service Affiliate visit your company, such as for training your employees, then use MoxyDox to find a Service Affiliate near your location.




Service Affiliates can get a MoxyDox certification to help promote them over other Service Affiliates who do not have certification.  The Customer Rate and Review will show if a Service Affiliate is certified or not.  The certification process is for the Affiliate to watch the video below and then pass a quiz, which is taken inside of MoxyDox.  The quiz result (pass/fail, or perhaps the grade percentage) is stored in the Affiliate’s database, which is queried by the Customer Rate and Review feature.


Service Affiliate Certification Video (Video doesn’t exist yet.)(Quiz does not yet exist.)


Assist a Company – Support Request Email


Support Request Email Video


The Company uses MoxyDox Information Scene to initiate a Support Request Email.  The user must enter their email address to submit a Support Request.  The Service Affiliate Number is used to know which Service Affiliate is to be contacted and what their email address is.


An email is created and sent to the Service Affiliate, (via CC:), and the user (via CC:).  The email contains the MoxyDox log file, and also contains information about rating the Service Affiliate.  The rating goes directly to UniLogical and is incorporated into the Service Affiliate ratings accessible by any MoxyDox user.


The Service Affiliate responds to the email to support the customer.


Assist a Company – Remote Control Request


Support Remote Control Request Video


The Company using MoxyDox, your customer, uses the MoxyDox Information Scene to initiate a Remote Control Request.  This allows you, their Service Affiliate, to remotely control the computer running the MoxyDox application that is making the Remote Control Request.  An email is sent, just like described in the section, “Assist a Company – Support Request Email”.

When the button to initiate Remote Control is pressed, a Confirmation is displayed to the user making the request.  It informs the user that they should only proceed to the Remote Control request if the Service Affiliate is ready to make the connection, because there may not be anyone monitoring for a Remote Control session at that time.  The user should first contact the Service Affiliate via phone call or send a Support Request Email asking the Service Affiliate for a Remote Control session. The user and the Service Affiliate negotiate any fee, agree on a time, and perhaps exchange phone numbers for voice communications.

Only after that is done, and the Service Affiliate notifies the user that the Service Affiliate is ready to receive the Remote Control Request, should the user press the button to initiate the Remote Control session.  Upon activation, MoxyDox launches the remote control feature and sends identifying information to the Service Affiliate’s MoxyDox server.

The Service Affiliate, inside MoxyDox in the Service Affiliate Scene, can see a listing of Remote Control Requests.  (The MoxyDox Navigation Scene will show a Service Affiliate icon at the top, if you installed MoxyDox as a Service Affiliate.)  The Service Affiliate finds the correct user from the list and clicks on the entry to complete the Remote Control startup process.  The Service Affiliate’s MoxyDox will launch the remote control feature and connect to the user’s computer. The connection is completed automatically without the user or Service Affiliate having to exchange or type in any connection codes or parameters.  Now the Service Affiliate can control the user’s computer to assist them with MoxyDox.




Your ChiefAdmin account has an email address associated with it.  (You provided that email address when you installed MoxyDox and you can change it under the Settings Scene.)  Automated emails are sent to that address for notifications about your Service Affiliate customers.  These notifications may help with your internal customer tracking and gives you an opportunity to follow up with that customer with an appropriate communication about their change.  You receive an email when a customer selects you as their Service Affiliate.  You also receive an email if they remove you as their chosen Service Affiliate.


Customers choose you as a Service Affiliate using the Settings Scene in MoxyDox.  (Only the ChiefAdmin of a company may select a Service Affiliate for their company.)  They may also choose a different Service Affiliate (not you) or choose not to have a Service Affiliate at all.


The MoxyDox server name is used to help identify customers because company database names are only required to be unique on a single server.  So their might be a “BIH” on “”  (for “Bothell Integrated Health”) and their might be a “BIH” on “” for a different company with the same initials (such as “Beds In Houston”).  If you have both “BIH” companies as your customers, you can differentiate them by the MoxyDox server they reside on.  Both the company name and the MoxyDoxServer name are listed in the automated emails to you.