Screen Grab for Background Image

MoxyDox lets you import any image to use as a background for your documents.  If you have an existing paper printout of the image you want, then you can use a scanner to scan that into your computer as an image (a .jpg, .png, etc.).

If you don’t have a scanner, then you could use the camera on your phone to take a picture of your paper printout and email that photo to yourself.  On the computer you are running MoxyDox on, open your email and extract your image.  Then you can have MoxyDox load that image as a background image.

Another way to get an image for MoxyDox to use is to do a “screen grab” of whatever is displayed on your computer screen.  Operating Systems (OSes), such as Mac or Windows, have built in ways to screen grab.  Here are instructions for one way you could do that.  Once your get your image, then just tell MoxyDox to use it for the background of your document.


Suppose there is a web page that has a form on it that you would like as the background image of your MoxyDox templated document.  Open a web browser to that page and have what you want visible on your screen.  Then press the “PrtScr” button on your Windows keyboard.  (“PrtScr” is an abbreviation for “Print Screen”.)

That captures your entire screen as an image and that image is now on your OS clipboard.  Open the Microsoft Paint application so we can paste the image from the clipboard into Paint so we can see the image.

To open Paint, click the Window Start button, and then type “paint”.

Here is the Windows Start button:

Here is what you see when you type the letters “p”, “a”, “i”, “n”, “t”:

Here is what it looks like after we pasted the image into Paint and then cropped the image to see only what we want:

Here is the end result inside MoxyDox:



Like the Windows example above, on Mac OS, you can use the Grab application (“/Application/Utilities/Grab”) to grab images from the screen, edit them, and save them as an image which MoxyDox can import.