Sales Affiliate

The offer described here is a limited time offer. UniLogical may choose to change or cancel this program at any time.  That doesn’t mean UniLogical WILL. It just means UniLogical reserves the right to change or cancel it at anytime. So, be sure to take advantage of this program while it lasts!

The Sales Affiliate program is available to any individual or company that has a United States Debit card or bank account.

Only the MoxyDox user logon, “ChiefAdmin”, can see the Sales Affiliate page. You MUST use that special user account to access the Sales Affiliate features of MoxyDox. (See MoxyDox User Account Types.)

“What if I Want to be a Sales Affiliate AND a Service Affiliate?”  No problem! Check out Dual Affiliate.

Sales Affiliate Overview Video

Sales Affiliate Training Video

 A “Sales Affiliate” is a person or organization who actively tries to sell MoxyDox to its “Members”, who are people or companies.  In this model, the Member receives a discount on their MoxyDox purchase as long as they are an “Active Member” of the Sales Affiliate’s group.  The Sales Affiliate will receive payment from UniLogical as long as the Member is paying for MoxyDox, regardless if the Member is an Active Member of the Sales Affiliate.  (This may be a limited time duration offer.  UniLogical may decide to end the program at some future date, or maybe not.)

There is no cost to sign up as a Sales Affiliate, and the Sales Affiliate gets a free 3 license MoxyDox subscription, but a credit card number is taken so a charge can be made if it is deemed that the Sales Affiliate is not performing. The credit card is also used if you buy more licenses for the Sales Affiliate’s internal use of their own MoxyDox shared database.

How does UniLogical decide if a “Sales Affiliate” is not performing and will lose their free 3 licenses and instead get charged for them?  You have about a month to make your first sale of MoxyDox or you account will be considered to be the equivalent as if you just signed your company up to use MoxyDox and purchased a 3 license subscription.  (See Pricing for how much it costs.)  “About a month” here is defined like this.  If you sign up as a Sales Affiliate on, say the 4th day of this month, then on the 3rd day of the next month you will loose your discount if you have not made a sale.

The Sales Affiliate Scene, under the “Public Information” section, displays the Company’s Sales Affiliate Number.  The number is read only and cannot be changed by the Company.  (UniLogical can change it to correct a mistake of the Member entering the wrong Sales Affiliate Number.)

  • The Sales Affiliate program is available to any individual or company that has a United States Debit card or bank account.
  • Member gets 1 free MoxyDox license ($50/month value, which is $600/year!) as long as they are an Active Member of the Sales Affiliate.
  • Sales Affiliate gets cloud based MoxyDox with 3 licenses for free to help them use, understand, and market MoxyDox to their Members.  (Unless the Sales Affiliate does not make a sale within about a month, then the Sales Affiliate pays for the 3 license subscription.)  3 free licenses is a $150/month value, which is $1,800/year!
  • There is no cost to sign up as a Sales Affiliate.  There are no fees paid to UniLogical to be a Sales Affiliate.
  • Sales Affiliate gets paid $50/month as long as the Member is still paying for MoxyDox, whether the Member is an Active Member of the Sales Affiliate’s group or not.  That is $600/year per member!
  • Payment is initiated on the 1st of every month.  Funds typically reach your bank account in 2 business days.


Consider that a business Chamber of Commerce wants to be a MoxyDox Sales Affiliate.  The Chamber makes its income by signing up members in exchange for providing them benefits.  The Chamber signs up as a MoxyDox Sales Affiliate and receives MoxyDox with 3 licenses for free for its own use to help the Chamber understand how to use and therefore help sell MoxyDox.

Chambers desire “non dues revenue” and “member retention”.  UniLogical helps in both regards.  UniLogical gives one free MoxyDox license to any Member of the Chamber that buys MoxyDox through the Chamber.  The Chamber receives $50 per month for as long as the Member is paying for MoxyDox.  That payment to the Chamber continues even if the Member leaves the Chamber, but the Member no longer gets the free license.

This gives incentive to the Chamber to promote the sale of MoxyDox.  The Member is motivated to retain their membership to the Chamber because of the free license.  (The free license, at $50/month is a $600/year value, which likely covers the cost the Member pays to the Chamber to be an Active Member.)  UniLogical receives the benefit of additionally created sales for the expense of the payment to the Chamber and the license given to the Member.  A win-win-win scenario.


To keep track of Sales Affiliates, their Active Members, free licenses, payments, etc., UniLogical imposes only a simple tracking of the “active” status of Members, which is done easily through MoxyDox’s Sales Affiliate page, using the special “ChiefAdmin” user account.  (The MoxyDox Navigation Scene will show a Sales Affiliate icon at the top only when “ChiefAdmin” is logged on.  That Sales Affiliate Scene is where you mark Members as active.)  There is where a listing of all the Members of the Sales Affiliate and the current Active status of each Member is displayed.  The Sales Affiliate must traverse the list to change the active status appropriately for all Members.  (Only the ones that have not been marked as active in the last 25 days need to be considered, as the rest will show their previous state.)

That information is stored in UniLogical servers, which are queried by the UniLogical “Billing and Payment” server to determine the amount of the monthly payment due to the Sales Affiliate.  It is also queried to determine if a Member is an Active Member and thus determines if the Member qualifies for a discount when the Member receives their monthly UniLogical bill.

A Sales Affiliate has a unique Sales Affiliate Identification Number.  MoxyDox Customers can see their assigned Sales Affiliate on their MoxyDox Information Scene.  That number cannot be changed by the Customer as it ties payment to the Sales Affiliate.  The number MUST be entered during the initial subscription purchase and cannot be added or changed after that.  All MoxyDox users may choose their initial Sales Affiliate though, using the Sales Affiliate Rate and Review system built into MoxyDox.  The Customer can rate their Sales Affiliate and submit a textual review.  Other potential MoxyDox Customers can read all Sales Affiliate ratings and reviews to choose their initial Sales Affiliate, if they even want a Sales Affiliate.

A Sales Affiliate is not required for a Customer.  They can purchase MoxyDox directly from UniLogical by obmitting the Sales Affiliate Identification Number during the install process.  This means that Sales Affiliates must make sure to instruct their Members to enter the correct number when installing MoxyDox, which also insures the Customer gets their discount of 1 free MoxyDox license.  When a new Customer installs MoxyDox and enters a Sales Affiliate Identification Number, the new Member is automatically added to the Sales Affiliate member list.  A Sales Affiliate cannot manually add Members, nor can they remove Members from the list.

The geographical location of a Sales Affiliate in relationship to its Member is likely irrelevant as remote communication is likely adequate, if any communication is needed at all.


Sales Affiliates can get a MoxyDox certification to help promote them over other Sales Affiliates who do not have certification.  The Customer Rate and Review will show if a Sales Affiliate is certified or not.  The certification process is for the Affiliate to watch the video below and then pass a quiz, which is taken inside of MoxyDox.  The quiz result (pass/fail, or perhaps the grade percentage) is stored in the Affiliate’s database, which is queried by the Customer Rate and Review feature.

Sales Affiliate Certification Video (Video doesn’t exist yet.)(Quiz does not yet exist.)


Your ChiefAdmin account has an email address associated with it.  (You provided that email address when you installed MoxyDox and you can change it under the Settings Scene.)  Automated emails are sent to that address for notifications about your Sales Affiliate group Members.  These notifications may help with your internal member tracking and gives you an opportunity to follow up with that member with an appropriate communication about their change.  You receive an email when a new member has been added to your group, an existing member has been removed from your group, or the name of the member has been changed.

Members are added to your group when they install MoxyDox and enter your Unique Sales Affiliate Number.  Members are removed from your group when they convert from a MoxyDox Cloud Subscription to a Free, non-cloud, non-subscription MoxyDox (that is, they stop paying for MoxyDox).  Members are identified by their company name (such as “Bothell Integrated Health”) and the MoxyDox server their database resides on (such as “”).  If either of those change, then you get a “renamed” notification email.  For example, “Bothell Integrated Health” might choose to rename their company to “BIH”.  UniLogical, for performance improvements for the customer, might choose to move “Bothell Integrated Health” from “” to “”.

The MoxyDox server name is used to help identify the members for you because company database names are only required to be unique on a single server.  So their might be a “BIH” on “”  (for “Bothell Integrated Health”) but their might be a “BIH” on “” for a different company with the same initials (such as “Beds In Houston”).  If you have both “BIH” companies as your members, you can differentiate them by the MoxyDox server they reside on.  Both the company name and the MoxyDoxServer name are listed in the Active Members table inside MoxyDox.

Customer Must Enter Sales Affiliate Number

When you installed MoxyDox as a Sales Affiliate, MoxyDox gave you a unique number, called your “Sales Affiliate Number”.  Remember, it looked something like this:

It is crucial for you to understand that there is one and only once chance for the customer to enter a Sales Affiliate Number when they install MoxyDox.  You must make sure you clearly indicate to your customer to enter YOUR Sales Affiliate Number when they are installing MoxyDox. If they do not, then you don’t get paid and there is no way for them enter the number later.  (This enforced policy of not allowing the number to be entered again, or changed later, prevents some other Sales Affiliate from stealing YOUR sale.)

Here is what it looks like when the customer is installing MoxyDox and it is time for them to enter your Sales Affiliate Number:

You can copy that image so you can use it to train your customer what to do, such as sending them the image in an email with instructions.