All the Right Features

We made MoxyDox very powerful.  Then we made it simple.


Easy to Start Using MoxyDox

You can convert a single form to MoxyDox and stop producing paper right away.  Take your time to add your next converted form when you are ready.  Move at your own pace.  Also, your MoxyDox form is an exact copy of your paper form, so you already know how to use it!


Easy to Find Your Documents

Use your mouse to navigate only 4 levels deep (a Drawer, a Folder, a Tab, and then a Document).  They are organized in the same way as your physical filing cabinet organization.



It takes about 300 milliseconds to blink your eye.  MoxyDox can download a document in as little as 20 or 10 milliseconds.

Copy Data from other MoxyDox Documents

Avoid typing mistakes.  When you create a new MoxyDox document, you can tell it to copy data from any other MoxyDox document.  Have a 10 page document where you have to enter your name, address, and phone number on every page?  No problem, they automatically got filled in because you already had a document that had that information in it.

Many Data Entry Types ("Gadgets")

MoxyDox documents allow numerous ways to enter information, such as …

Check boxes
Dropdown Choices
Single Line of Text
Multiple Lines of Text
Numbers only line of Text

And we are always adding more!

Easy to Learn

MoxyDox has a built-in help system.  Get the help you need right at the point you need it.  No searching for help.  No more information than you need.  Often it is just watching a video that shows you what to do.



We use the same encryption technology as the NSA (United States National Security Administration).  We use the same servers as the DOD (United States Department of Defense).  Over 80% of all security breaches happen in web based technology areas.  For that reason, MoxyDox intentionally does NOT use web based technology to bypass all of those security holes.

Unlimited Users and Groups

You can create any number of users and groups with no additional charge.  For example, create users “Sally” and “John” and add them to your “Front Staff” group.  Restrict which documents “Front Staff” can read or edit.


Share and Export

Print.  Export as an image (.png).  Export as a Portable Document Format (.pdf).  Email as a .png or .pdf.

Automatic Updates

Want the latest version of MoxyDox? No problem.  MoxyDox automatically updates itself so you always have the latest version.  No need to try to find patches, updates, or new versions hidden on a website.  Always have the newest features and at no additional charge!

Easy to Use

Double click a document in a list to open it.  Type information into a text box, click a check box, sign with your mouse or finger, etc.  The document auto saves.  Simple!

Offsite Backups

Your database is automatically backed up each day to an offsite location.  If the server melted into a puddle of metal and plastic, then your documents are still safely and securely stored elsewhere and can be moved to a new server in under an hour.

Access from Anywhere

Your secure database is stored in the cloud.  All of your users can access those documents from anywhere they have internet access.

Simulate a Clipboard

Do you have walk-in customers or patients and hand them a clipboard of papers to fill out?  Now just hand them a tablet with the same documents but in MoxyDox form.  A special mode of MoxyDox (Fill Out These Forms mode) allows the customer/patient to enter their information directly and securely into your MoxyDox database.  No more transcribing!  No more unreadable handwriting!