Cost Revolutionary Pricing to Save You Money “Simultaneous Access”

Only *pay for the number of users that need simultaneous access to your server. If you have 15 employees, and only 7 need access at the exact same time, you only need to pay for 7 simultaneous licenses. All 15 employees can access the documents on your server, just only 7 of them can do so concurrently.

It is quick and easy to add a new user license at any time. You may also remove a license at any time.

* Fine Print: There is no fine print! No hidden fees. Really.

Also see the “Billing” section in FAQs for more billing details.

Add or Remove Users Easily

Your MoxyDox “ChiefAdmin” user does it right inside the MoxyDox application by just clicking “Add” or “Remove” buttons.

You are NOT locked in! Add or remove licenses whenever you want to. Monthly charges are prorated. (That means you only get charged partially if you had the license only part of the month. For example, if you add a license on the last day of the month, you only get charged one day for that license during that month’s billing.)

License fees are charged monthly to the credit card you supply when you sign up for MoxyDox.

Also see the “Billing” section in FAQs for more billing details.