MoxyDox is available around the word.  See where:  World Wide Availability.

Download MoxyDox

There are four ways to sign up to use MoxyDox. (See the “Availability” section below.) They are all the same MoxyDox application, meaning they all have full MoxyDox document functionality, and use the same downloaded installer. The difference is if you want to share your documents with your team over the Internet or just use MoxyDox on your single computer just for yourself. You may also sign up as a Sales Affiliate or a Service Affiliate to make money using MoxyDox.

After you download and run the MoxyDox installer, just tell the installer which one of the following you want.

How To Install

There are 4 ways to install MoxyDox. Watch the video to learn how to install MoxyDox.

How To Uninstall (Convert to Free)

You signed up to pay for MoxyDox, but now you no longer want to pay for MoxyDox.  No problem  Cancel at any time.  (Since you pay for MoxyDox as you go, there is no refundable amount, and any remaining balance you owe will be charged to your credit card immediately upon cancellation.)

Since your credit card has been set to have a recurring charge, you cannot just do a Mac/Window operating system uninstall.  You must do a MoxyDox “Convert to Free” to remove the automated billing to your credit card.

Since your MoxyDox documents are in the cloud, and we want you to retain all of them even after cancelling your subscription, the “Convert to Free” process moves all your MoxyDox documents (the entire database) to the computer you run “Convert to Free” on.  You then still have complete access to all your documents with the Free version of MoxyDox, you just now can only use those documents on the computer you ran “Convert to Free” on.  (Because your database is no longer in the cloud but instead is on the computer you ran “Convert to Free” on.)

If later you change your mind and you want the MoxyDox cloud subscription again, just use “Convert to Subscription” (the same button as before, but now its name changed).  That will take your credit card information and move your database off your computer back into the cloud so you can again share your MoxyDox documents with your team, anywhere in the world.

The video below shows you where to start the “Convert to Free” process.



Due to restrictions from our credit card processing company (Stripe), our tax processing company (Taxamo), and global tax laws, there are some restrictions on where we can sell MoxyDox.  (Anyone in the world can use the free version of MoxyDox.)  These restrictions are automatically checked as you attempt to sign up for MoxyDox, so if you are not sure if you are restricted, then just attempt the sign up process to find out.

Individual – Available to anyone in the world!

Company – Available anywhere our tax processing system supports.

Sales Affiliate – Only available to individuals, businesses, and non-profits based in the United States.

Service Affiliate – Same availability as “Company”.


You must use the special MoxyDox user account, called “ChiefAdmin”, to access the privileged features.  When you install MoxyDox, the ChiefAdmin account will be created for you.  Use it to log on to your MoxyDox database to perform actions that no other MoxyDox account allows.  These features include creating new users (like for your employees), converting from a free Individual MoxyDox installation to a paid cloud subscription, accessing Sales and Service Affiliate actions, purchasing a new simultaneous license, restoring your MoxyDox database from an automatic backup, and more.  (See MoxyDox User Account Types.)

UniLogical supports MoxyDox Servers around the world.  When MoxyDox is being installed on your computer, it automatically detects the MoxyDox Server that is geographically the closest one to you, thus minimizing round trip message times and yielding a faster MoxyDox customer experience.

Learn how to use MoxyDox by watching the training videos.


An Individual can use MoxyDox for free, but without the cloud feature. Without the cloud feature, you are the only one that can access your documents, and you can only do so on the computer that you installed MoxyDox on. An Individual does not have cloud features, so their MoxyDox database backups go to the local computer’s disk drive.

At any time, you can switch from the free version to the cloud subscription version, retaining all of your documents. (See Convert from Free to Subscription.)



A Company pays for MoxyDox cloud feature licenses.  (See Pricing for how much it costs.)  The cloud feature lets you store your document database in the cloud so that you may access it from anywhere you have an internet connection, and share those documents with all of your team members, even if they don’t have a license.  (See Pricing for how licenses work.)

At any time, you can switch from the subscription version to the free version, retaining all of your documents. (See Convert From Subscription to Free.)

A Company can browse the Reviews of Sales Affiliates and Service Affiliates.  A Company may also Rate their Sales Affiliate and their Service Affiliate.

Sales Affiliate

A Sales Affiliate gets paid to sell MoxyDox to Companies.

The offer described here is a limited time offer. UniLogical may choose to change this offer at any time. (That doesn’t mean we WILL. It just means we have the right to change it when we want to.)

See the Sales Affilate page for more information.

Service Affiliate

A Service Affiliate provides technical support to MoxyDox users and charges them a fee.

The offer described here is a limited time offer. UniLogical may choose to change this offer at any time. (That doesn’t mean we WILL. It just means we have the right to change it when we want to.)

See the Service Affiliate page for more information.