How To Install


Download the appropriate MoxyDox Installer for your device, then follow the Installation Instructions below.

See below for details, but in general, MoxyDox is available for DESKTOPS, LAPTOPS, and TABLETS that are running Windows 64-bit, or Mac OS X.  Note that means MoxyDox does NOT run on iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android (Android tablets).

Installation Instructions

Common across all versions

If MoxyDox is already installed, then you do NOT need to uninstall it before running the new Installer.  Re-installing does NOT lose your saved logon credentials or preferences, nor does it affect any of your documents in any way.

MoxyDox uses only outgoing Internet connections, and is therefore not affected by your Operating System (OS) firewall settings.  When installing or running MoxyDox, if your OS asks for allowing firewall changes, you can select the “deny” option and MoxyDox will function correctly.  For example, on Windows, when installing MoxyDox, you may see “Windows Security Alert” window stating “Windows has block some features of this app” and may state that the application is “Java(TM) Platform SE binary”.  It asks you to choose between “Allow Access” and “Cancel”.  Choose “Cancel”.  You do not need to open any firewall ports for MoxyDox to function fully.  (You are welcome!)  =)

Windows Version

Windows System Requirements

Only 64-bit versions of Windows are supported!  Windows 7 SP1 or later.  Display resolution of at least 1,024 x 768 pixels. MoxyDox has low system requirements.  If your computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows, then it is capable of running MoxyDox.

Computer Tablets

You can use any tablet that meets the requirements above.  The most important item is “64-bit Windows” is required.  How can you determine if a tablet is running 64-bit Windows?  Click here to see how:  64-bit Windows Tablet.


Double click “MoxyDox Installer.exe”.  (Get past the “Windows protected your PC” warning.)  (If Windows shows you the “Windows firewall has blocked some features of this app” dialog, press the “Cancel” button.  It is also acceptable if you press “Allow access”.  MoxyDox will work fine either way.)


Use Windows’ Control Panel > Programs and Features to find “MoxyDox” and then choose “Uninstall”.


Double click the MoxyDox icon on the desktop.

Mac Version

Mac System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.10 (“Yosemite”) or above.  Display resolution of at least 1,024 x 768 pixels.  MoxyDox has low system requirements.  If your computer is capable of running Mac OS X, then it is capable of running MoxyDox.


Double click the “MoxyDox” to extract the archive (or it was automatically extracted by Mac OS X when you download it).  Drag the “Install” out of the folder it is in (“MoxyDox Installer”) to any other folder, such as your Desktop.  Then double click “Install” application.  (Get past Mac Gatekeeper issues.)


Double click the “<user’s home=””>/MoxyDox/Uninstall” application.</user’s>


Double click the MoxyDox icon on the desktop.


MoxyDox application updates are automatically taken by MoxyDox.  When you open MoxyDox, it checks with the cloud servers to determine if an update is required.  If one is available, it is automatically downloaded, MoxyDox is automatically shutdown, the update is applied, then MoxyDox is automatically restarted.

To achieve maximum transfer rates and security, the MoxyDox application and its corresponding cloud server are tightly coupled.  Therefore, all updates are mandatory to keep your version of MoxyDox capable of communicating with its assigned cloud server.

A single update brings you all the way up to date.  But, sometimes MoxyDox needs to update its ability to take updates before it takes the actual update, which means MoxyDox might take two updates in succession on rare occasions.

If you ever “get stuck” where updates never succeed after repeated attempts and rebooting your computer, then you can re-install MoxyDox using the appropriate Installer above.

MoxyDox Remote Control

MoxyDox has a feature for allowing a MoxyDox Service Affiliate or UniLogical Technical Support person to remotely control your computer.  They can see your entire screen and control your keyboard and mouse.  To activate that feature, use “MoxyDox > Information Scene > Remote Control”.  (See MoxyDox Remote Control for more information.)

What happens when you cannot run MoxyDox to launch MoxyDox Remote Control?  You can run MoxyDox Remote Control manually from your computer.  But what if you never used the Remote Control feature before so MoxyDox Remote Control has never been downloaded to your computer?  Well, you come here and download this MoxyDox Remote Control installer and run it to install MoxyDox Remote Control to your computer.  For information about using MoxyDox Remote Control, see MoxyDox Remote Control.

Download MoxyDox Remote Control Installer for Mac

Download MoxyDox Remote Control Installer for Windows

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