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Go Paperless, Painlessly.

MoxyDox helps individuals and small businesses go paperless, one form at a time.

What if you could have a paperless solution with no change to your current workflow? Simply scan your current document into MoxyDox, add your input gadgets and now your existing document is an electronic version in a matter of minutes.

It is just that simple!

Workflow means, “The sequence of administrative processes through which a piece of work (that is, paper) passes from initiation to completion.”
Gadgets means, “text entry, dropdowns, and other widgets”

Go Paperless, Painlessly

MoxyDox allows you to use your documents, and get exact copies of them working in the cloud in a matter of minutes. 

Overview Screenshots

See MoxyDox without having to download and install it.

Change Nothing. Gain Everything.

MoxyDox allows you to keep your current workflow, which is important. It minimizes downtime for training, and requires so little training, that we think you are going to  be thrilled. These days most people are suffering from what we call “new system fatigue”. Having to learn a new way of doing something that you already know how to do is an unnecessary waste of time. It also requires training others on the new workflow. You won’t have to train employees on a new workflow. That should make you smile.  🙂

Don’t waste your time: Choose MoxyDox.

What People are saying about MoxyDox

Read what users are saying about MoxyDox

“It was really easy, and I get intimidated by new software stuff. I’m always like, ‘Oh my gosh! It is so much!’ But it [MoxyDox] wasn’t! Each time it got easier.”


Massage Therapist, Bothell Integrated Health


Leverage what you already know.

Usage model simulates a real-world filing cabinet, where drawers hold folders, folders hold tabs, and tabs hold documents.

Run Your Technology, Don’t Let Your Technology Run You

"Quicker than the blink of an eye!"

MoxyDox is fast.  Really fast.  It can obtain useful information from the server in under 20 milliseconds.  It takes over 300 milliseconds for you to blink your eye.

“So Simple, it’s Smart!”


We utilize the same level of encryption as the NSA (National Security Agency).

Definition of “Moxy”:

 Force of character, determination, or nerve.

“MoxyDox, the documents with attitude!”

The Convenience of the Cloud

Access your documents from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Our Mission:

“Simplify managing paperwork for individuals and small companies with software that is simple, easy, and fun.”

A Revolutionary Pricing Model to Save You Money

  • $50.00/Month per simultaneous user license (3 license minimum).
  • Only pay for the number of users that need simultaneous access to your server. If you have 15 employees, and only 7 need access at the same time, you only need to pay for 7 simultaneous licenses.

Cross Platform Performance

Currently our application is available for Windows and Mac.